She isn’t cured!

Just read this:

If she’s “cured”, why is she is continuing on the Ibrance?! Oh, because SHE ISN’T CURED!!!!! OMG People need to STOP using that word! THERE IS NO CURE FOR METASTATIC BREAST CANCER.

If she was cured, she would be off treatment, and live to a ripe old age, without it. I hope she does live to a ripe old age, on Ibrance, but that ISN’T a realistic expectation. Living in denial doesn’t make people live longer, just like ignoring a pregnancy doesn’t end it. It pisses me off that media tells society what it wants to hear, not REALITY. I am not, “shaking in fear” of dying, I am an adult that doesn’t believe in bullshit. I will die of this disease, and I know that.

I DO NOT appreciate articles, like this, that reinforce ignorance about my disease.

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Janet captures the hard realities of MBC

In this great article, Janet Sollod talks about BAYS and learning to live with the hard realities of metastatic breast cancer – including planning for your death at such a young age –

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Some Lori and Becky hiking selfies

I figured I’d get this site started by sharing some selfies we took while hiking.

January 30, 2017 – Alum Rock Park

February 11, 2017 – Stanford Dish

March 19, 2017 – Rancho San Antonio

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My Oncologist is awesome. I can’t see the report, yet, but she emailed to tell me I am right about progression. However, the most worrisome liver tumors (location & size) still look pretty stable, SO I have to suck it up and deal with feeling it spread everywhere else, until the deadlier tumors grow more. I guess I have to find pain meds I can keep down & allow me to drive, etc. More pills…. ugh. Rescan in 2 months, unless I end up in ER. Blah.

That said, we’re headed to North Lake Tahoe for a child free weekend, and I’m reconnecting to my inner badass, dirty woman,, drinking an organic dirty chai latte (from Luna Tea, awesome name & place), listening to Taming the Dragon.

I’m not dead yet, dammit, and Tahoe is gorgeous, so FUCK YEAH, we’re living TODAY!

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