I’m Becky (on the left) and this is Lori Wallace (on the right). This website/blog has been setup as a way to keep track of what’s happening with Lori. It is also a bit of a legacy for her. The site is being maintained by Becky – if you’d like to write a post to Lori here, let me a comment with a real email address, and I’ll email you back.

In <what year> Lori was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. She soon discovered that she carried the BRCA2 gene. Her initial treatment involved ACT chemotherapy and a double mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction. As BRCA2 comes with a significant increased risk of ovarian cancer, which is difficult to detect, her doctors eventually convinced her to undergo an oophorectomy. Unfortunately, none of her early stage treatment stopped the spread of cancer. In <what year>, she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, that had spread to her bones and her liver.

Becky met Lori in 2014 after Becky had been diagnosed with breast cancer. They met through the Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) support group. Soon, Becky and Lori became hiking buddies. It took us way too long to decide to take selfies on our hikes. We’ll share new ones as we collect them!