Quick & Dirty update …


Quick & dirty update:

Immunotherapy failed REAL fast, I can’t stop coughing, keep dislocating ribs, and am in pain….

Posted by Lori Wallace onĀ Wednesday, November 22, 2017



Alum Rock Park – A late afternoon walk

Went for a late afternoon walk with Lori yesterday. She says that walking helps manage the pain caused by her bone mets. We spent an hour walking – and walk over 1.5 miles. The sun was low on the horizon, causing for some interesting light. We ended up walking along the side of the park that is in the open, in search of sunlight rather than shade. In July there was a fire here – which has left a lot of the hillside barren. We could see the beginnings of new growth as a result of recent rains. It is a very different landscape than it was previously.

IMG_1611 6
Alum Rock Park
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Alum Rock Park

On our walk, Lori shared some stories of her time with the BBC film crew last week. They are working on a documentary related to the End of Life Options Act. Lori talked about how she isn’t ready to die yet – just that knowing she has choice significantly reduces her stress. We have often talked about this as we walk the various trails around South Bay.

Lori updates me on her latest scans. Friday she had an emergency CT because her PCP (primary care) doctor was worried about a pulmonary embolism (which was thankfully negative, but the risk is a reality of current health). The scan, however, did show that both her lung and liver mets are growing. Her oncologist has put in the order for Eribulin, which is the next chemo option for her. This new chemo regime will likely start this week (most likely Tuesday or Wednesday).

Becky and Lori

Given her struggles moving around the house, I was pleasantly surprised at how far we managed to hike – especially given that it involved hills. Thankfully, Alum Rock has benches that are strategically placed, giving us a place to sit just when we need it most. We hope to get out for at least one more walk / hike this week.

More energy

This is just a quick update on how Lori is doing. She has had a few migraines which are controlled by allergy meds (she has had them before, but it appears this chemo is causing them). It is a pain in the ass side effect, but definitely a manageable one – and better than a lot of the other potential options.

She said she is having a little better time breathing, and has a little more energy – which is promising. She is also super busy.

I’m crossing fingers and sending virtual hugs her way …